Monday, August 16, 2010

"Who do I think I am" writing a genealogy blog.......?

Well that is a very good question. I caught the genealogy "bug" from my great aunt at the ripe old age of 16. Back then there was no Internet and only manual research options where available to me. I dove in though; hoping to find the missing pieces of the vast puzzle that intrigued me. Clearly my results must be obvious. I am STILL searching for those missing pieces to my puzzle-(this is where you look surprised)!
A couple of things I have learned in my years of genealogy research are: 1) you are NEVER completely through searching for clues and facts; and 2) this researcher rarely has enough time in a day to fulfill my research fix. The good news is I work in a field where I have to trace and piece together familial lines for businesses, so I do get to "enjoy the hunt" most days. This has only led me to a greater desire to piece my own family puzzle together. So I guess that makes me the family detective/historian. This I gladly accept as my challenge and fate.

One word of warning; I am not a great speller. I am a card carrying member of "the bad spellers of the world UNTIE" club, so I ask your tolerance with this matter.

Other than all that; I am a seeker- plan and simple. I know what I know and I'm eager to share with all of you. I am seeking additional wisdom and resources for my genealogy journey. I love to learn, so feel free to share with me too.


Susan Petersen said...

Welcome to the world of geneabloggers! You're in for a great ride!

Cheri Hopkins aka You Go Girl #2 & Sweetwater Sherry said...

Welcome. Most of the rest of us make a few mistakes too so head up and blog on! I look forward to reading your offerings; a new genealogy journey!
Cheri Hopkins