Monday, August 30, 2010

Back on Track???? Madness Monday

Well I've been out for few days trying to deal with poison Ivy/oak/sumac...UGGHHH!!   This is where you ask me if I'd like a little cheese with my WHiiiiNE!!  OK 'nuff said....

What am I pulling my hair out over on this pleasant Mad Monday??  Lawrence, of course.  How could I not be.  Lawrence could you please visit me in a dream and give me a hint as to where you naturalized.  Maybe I need to hire a medium to get "the goods" on your arrival/naturalization/etc.  I'm not above that you know, Lawrence.

Why the big secret Lawrence?  I wonder who ended up with your naturalization records ( they can run, but they cannot hide). 

And what is it about you and no easy records in England??-- Not even a clue, about your family.  This story better be good, Lawrence.  I mean this story better be what novels are made of---seriously!!!

How could anyone with the name Lawrence Woodhead ( L. W.) Nuttall be so evasive in history???  What are the odds???  I bet they are lottery odds.  Too bad there isn't a big fat pile of $$$ waiting on me to find you--I mean pot-o-gold stuff here.  I guess I'll just have to settle for the satisfaction of "winning" and eventually finding your hidden details.

OK back on my meds.....for sure

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