Monday, November 1, 2010

MacGIRLver strikes again!!!!!!

Ok, Ok I admit it.  I AM my father's daughter.  I can fix most anything..that's why my friends call me MacGIRLver.  Those of you old enough will get it......I'm also a Gadget Girl (that's almost a rule as MacGIRLver don't you think).  Again, I come by it very honest--my Dad, again.

SO, not to get lost in my ADHD; I recently read a story about this handheld scanner.  I was jazzed.  I started reading about it and searching on it and GUESS WHAT.  I found the exact scanner under another name and at for less.  I research people, places and things for a living, so naturally I'm going to find the least expensive highest quality way to get all my gadgets.

Check it out!! it's even cheaper today than when i bought it last week.  Works great and is a genealogists dream.  I get NOTHING for saying this...just thought those of you interested would like the heads up!  YAWSEEERRRR!!!

Finding interesting and funs reads....

Lately, I"ve been reading history and many diversified documents to try and understand the life and times of my dear GGGF, Lawrence.  I came across "The History of Omro" where his name is mentioned.  This would be Omro, Wisconsin in the 1830-40's. 

Of course as I read through the contents of this piece, I found an entry in the table of contents titled " Home Remedies".  VERY Interesting!!!!!! They sure loved their turpentine in those days.............blah!

I offer these pics for your viewing and reading pleasure....

The link is

I hope all of you find such interesting tidbits along your