Monday, August 16, 2010

Naming Patterns In England, 1700-1800’s

Well since I am having a hard time finding my GGGF's parents and siblings I started to check the naming game for the 1800's.  Here's what I found and maybe it will give you some clues too.

Naming Patterns In England, 1700-1800’s

1st son — father’s father 2nd son — mother’s father 3rd son — father 4th son — father’s eldest brother 1st daughter — mother’s mother 2nd daughter — father’s mother 3rd daughter — mother 4th daughter — mother’s eldest sister Other children could be named after earlier ancestors, but there would be no particular pattern to them.

Variations on this:

1st son — mother’s father 1st daughter — father’s mother 2nd son — father’s father 2nd daughter — mother’s mother OR….
2nd son — father 2nd daughter — mother OR….
3rd daughter — after one of the great-grandmothers
4th daughter — mother \

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