Tuesday, August 31, 2010

But I digress....Family Tree Maker 2011

Ok, OK.  Yes, I'm using FTM 2008.  AND I just loaded it on my laptop.  ME???? you ask!!!!  YOU--Gadget Girl....McGIRLver to the masses.  Yep......admitting is it the first step toward.........oops wrong group.

I am coming clean and showing my weaknesses right now.  BUT...and I say but, I have ordered the new FTM 2011.  I thought I might come into the modern era of genealogy this year.  Not sure what all it'll "buy" me, but I am willing to learn.

I took the second "step" of signing up for the Ancestry.com web class that'll tutor me about the new software.  Now sure if this is a good thing, or just another tangent to follow in my life of ADHD........but I digress.   Doesn't matter I usually need a challenge (periodically) to keep me on my toes.  So "Wish me luck" .

If anyone has any really wiz bang ( nifty, peachy-keen, groovy man) things that they do specifically with their FTM software; be sure to pass those little gems along to me here.  I like the abridged version of most things...but I digress.

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