Wednesday, October 13, 2010

You never know when family history "treats" will arrive.

Recently I had the pleasure of visiting with a cousin that I've not seen for some time.  The last time I saw him, he was fleeing the predicted onslaught of Hurricaine Katrina, and stayed he with me until it was afe to return.

Anyway...he now tells me that he has a box of old photos that he has been saving "for the family".  You can imagine the thrill I felt in hearing this information.  I hope they are still where he has "stored" them.  I contacted the holder about having them shipped to me.  I really hope they are there.

In addition to all this,  he is able to tell me all kinds of history about his Dad's side of the family.  I'm sure he will be able to give me additional tales about my side of the family.  I am trully excited.

I guess you never know when valuable family info will show up on your doorstep.....

Family Tree Magazine ULTIMATE Family History giveaway

I was excited to see this while I was looking around blogs today.  I thought I would share it just in case you missed it.  You can sign-up at the Family Tree magazine site and I've included the link too.  The rules state that you can enter once a day through October 31, 2010. 

Link to enter is:

I can't wait to win this contest !!! 

The winner will receive a prize package including: