Monday, November 1, 2010

MacGIRLver strikes again!!!!!!

Ok, Ok I admit it.  I AM my father's daughter.  I can fix most anything..that's why my friends call me MacGIRLver.  Those of you old enough will get it......I'm also a Gadget Girl (that's almost a rule as MacGIRLver don't you think).  Again, I come by it very honest--my Dad, again.

SO, not to get lost in my ADHD; I recently read a story about this handheld scanner.  I was jazzed.  I started reading about it and searching on it and GUESS WHAT.  I found the exact scanner under another name and at for less.  I research people, places and things for a living, so naturally I'm going to find the least expensive highest quality way to get all my gadgets.

Check it out!! it's even cheaper today than when i bought it last week.  Works great and is a genealogists dream.  I get NOTHING for saying this...just thought those of you interested would like the heads up!  YAWSEEERRRR!!!

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