Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday....

WOW!  It feels funny for this Tuesday to be  Monday, so to speak.  Anyway, I'm back to blogging on this soon to be stormy and wet Tuesday in North Louisiana.

Today I offer my Aunt Eva as the tombstone of interest.  She was the cutest thing.  She was my GM Ella's sister and they were so cute together.  Aunt Eva was a stitch.  She wore glasses that would easily resemble coke bottle bottoms.  One day we cleaned her glasses for her, she put them back on and looked around like she was seeing for the first time.  All she could say was Oh my.  I guess she hadn't cleaned the lenses in a while.  We all laughed and just had a fun time with Eva and Ella..............miss you both so much!

The foot marker says "Beloved Sister" and that she truly was.  She is buried next to my Mamaw Ella.

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